Throughout the stories of ancient Greece, the god of the underworld has always been a bit of an enigma. The keeper of many names, Hades was sometimes referred to as Aidoneous or the “Unseen One”.

He also appears quite frequently in the Roman texts under the cognomen of Dis. Since mortals deemed it unlucky to utter his proper name out loud, it was common for both Greeks and Romans to attach various forms of the name Pluto to the ominous god.

Because Pluto, Plouton and Ploutos were all synonyms for the word wealth, their use as an epithet for Hades clearly indicated his command over all riches found buried beneath the earth.

Though Hades had many treasures, it was said that his prize possession was the magical helmet of invisibility that was given to him by the Cyclopes during the great war of gods and titans.

There is not a lot of detailed information about Hades, as the god is usually found playing small background roles in the midst of much larger dramas.

The most familiar tale concerns his abduction of the maiden Persephone and how his actions eventually brought about the change of seasons. Please click on the link to read a detailed account of that story.

Below you will find a small peek into the curious world of the Lord of the Dead. I hope you find your visit both entertaining and informative.

The Dividing Of The Universe

After the defeat of Cronus, the universe was divided equally among the three sons of Rhea. In order to keep things fair, the brothers decided to draw lots to determine which area each would be awarded.

Zeus was grated dominion over the heavens, Poseidon took possession of the sea and Hades inherited the underworld along with all of its inhabitants. The earth and Mount Olympus were viewed as neutral territories and were left to be equally managed by all.

Hades preferred to shun the company of others and chose to spend most of his time sulking in his own dark domain. Because he rarely had any first hand knowledge of events happening in the world of the living, he relied heavily upon the words of mortals to keep him in the know.

The god was well known for shrewdly piecing together the days current events by carefully listening to men swear oaths and invoke curses in his name.