Athena is best known for being the Greek goddess of wisdom and war. Unlike her half brother Ares, she represented courage and strength in battle and also excelled in the more strategic forms of warfare. Though she is usually shown dressed in full body armor, Athena was generally open to finding peaceful solutions to the world’s many conflicts.

Athena also ruled over all aspects of handicrafts, and was especially revered for the beautifully woven patterns that were skillfully produced upon her loom. She was the patron goddess of artisans and craftsmen, and was also credited with inventing both the plow and the earthenware pot.

The goddess is often found in the company of her mascot, a wise old owl, which for centuries has stood to represent wisdom and intellectual thought. Like her half sister Artemis, Athena also chose to avoid contact with men and lived a life of celibacy.

Athena was one of the most popular members of the Greek pantheon and is commonly found in many of the ancient tales. Below you will find some of my favorites.